To be marked on the calendar: on 22 and 23 October the appointment is with the Vitra digital summit – the Vitra Summit . Hence, the creatives of the world of design and contemporary architecture are called to come together to experience all the “new” – between conceptuality and planning – of the home, understood as a personal and intimate habitat, and of the office, understood as a space constantly changing work. The new one that, during and after the acute phase of the Coronavirus, gave us the inputs to face the new normality : when the perception of spaceit has changed, when apartments became (personal) places of work, when common and private spheres changed their boundaries .

“Never before have changes in workplaces , homes and public spaces been so urgent. Seldom in the past have we collectively questioned the function of such places in such depth. For the two days of the Vitra Summit , we have invited scientists, creative minds, business executives, a chef and even athletes to share their knowledge with you. Vitra will host this exchange of views that will go far beyond furnishings “said Nora Fehlbaum, CEO of Vitra .

Four main plots intertwine, speaking of the “new” spaces and the fresh trends that inhabit them. From home to office: what has happened and what will become of the workplace ? Answers are the interior architect Sevil Peach, the designer duo Barber Osgerby and the INSEAD professor Gianpiero Petriglieri and many others. Then, design matters : materials and their use, furnishings and the crisis of history become the themes of a conversation with Christian Grosen Rasmussen (Chief Design Officer of Vitra), Jan Boelen (Creative Director of Atelier Luma) and other experts such as Konstantin Grcic , Beatriz Colomina and Kyle Chayka. Still, flexible designand mutability of spaces: a dialogue with Sharon Johnston of the Johnston Marklee architecture studio, David Allemann of On Footwear, the aforementioned Nora Fehlbaum, Ilse Crawford of Studioilse and Aric Chen of Design Miami. Finally, will the freedom to work remotely produce an urban exodus? This last theme, addressed in conversation with Beatrice Galilee, Joseph Grima and Stefano Boeri, is called Remote World and also tells about the relationship between us and the home.